26 October 2010

15th March 1970

Great New Ways to Be Yourself in Fashion
Cover Model: Lauren Hutton and "the gap"
Photographed by: Iriving Penn

Jean Shrimpton, Mouche and Ingrid Boulting by Avedon

Jean Shrimpton by Avedon

Mrs Patrick Guiness by Henry Clarke
Unknown model by Gene Laurents
Lynn Sutherland, Elizabeth Princess of Toro, Marisa Berenson, Viviane by Penati

Barbara Manzano by Arnaud de Rosnay
Marisa Berenson and Cynthia Korman by Penati
Veruschka (L) by Rubartelli, Viviane and unknown model by Henry Clarke

Marisa Berenson by Catalano and Tamara Dobson by Penati
Lauren Hutton, Ann Turkel, Cynthia Korman and unknown model by Catalano

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