27 October 2010

1st April 1970

You and Your Looks
Cover Model: Jean Shrimpton
Photographed by Richard Avedon

Penelope Tree and Jean Shrimpton by Bailey
"The Fool" by Maurice Hogenboom
Marisa Berenson by Berry Berenson (b/w shots) and Penn (R)

Jean Shrimpton by Anthony Horth
Ingrid Boulting by Avedon
Marchesa Anastasia Ferrari di Collesape by Elisabetta Catalano
Tamara Dobson (thanks for Charles le Brecque for IDing!) Susan Schoenberg (bottom left) and Ann Turkel by Elisabetta Catalano
Sophia Loren by Secciaroli
Lynn Sutherland, Marisa Berenson, Naomi Sims by Penn

Jean Shrimpton and Mouche by Avedon

Baronne Francoise de Nerciat by Arnaud de Rosnay

Marisa Berenson by Penn

Ira Furstenburg (L) and Tina Aumont (R) by Rubartelli
Viviane by Rubartelli
Genevieve Waite by Maurice Hogenboom

Viviane by Henry Clarke

Pat Cleveland and friends wearing clothes from Granny Takes a Trip boutique
Grace Coddington by Mary Russell

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Unknown said...

Is that one Alice Ormsby-Gore, the one from The Fool colorful shot? :)