2 October 2010

1st March 1970 - UK Vogue

Your Prettiest New Looks in Rome and Paris Fashion
Cover Model: Maudie James
Photographed by: Clive Arrowsmith

Donna Mitchell, Berkley Johnson by Clive Arrowsmith

Unknown Model by Henry Clarke

Donna Mitchell by Clive Arrowsmith
Viviane and unknown model by Henry CLarke
Lesley Jones (L) by Bailey
Jean Shrimpton (L) by Barry Lategan, Mouche (R) by Penn
Lisa Tysen by Chieiel Lid
Baron Alexis de Rede, Madame Michel David-Weill and Brigitte Bardot by Jack Nisbert
Celia Hammond and Moyra Swan by Patrick Litchfield

Ingrid Boulting by Helmut Newton
Ingrid Boulting by Sarah Moon

Hiram Keller (R) by Clive Arrowsmith
JJ by Elisabeth Novick

JJ by Steve Hiett

Jane Holzer by Horst

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plainsong said...

great colourful Arrowsmith shots! dreamy cover, cool hairdo <3
love the Shrimp pic too