25 October 2010

1st March 1970

It's a Great Year for Dresses
Cover Model: Ali MacGraw
Photographed by: Bert Stern

Betsy Theodoracopulos by Bert Stern

Marisa Berenson, Ann Turkel by Bert Stern

Elizabeth Princess of Toro, Charly Stember by Penn
Claudine Auger by Stern

Ann Turkel, unknown, Marisa Berenson, Lynn Woodruff by Bert Stern

Marta Heflin by Litchfield
Andy, Candy and Jay by unknown?
Unknown Model by Penati
Unknown Model (L), Charly Stember (R) by John Cowan and Penn
Unknown Model (L) by Catalano, Marisa Berenson (R) by Stern
Lynn Sutherland by Norman Parkinson

Lauren Hutton by Penati

Janis in Vogue's own Boutique


joel eskimo said...


the left blond model unindentified next to Charly Stember looks like GUNILLA LINDBLAD (to me)

Unknown Model (L), Charly Stember (R) by John Cowan and Penn

Freya said...

Thanks Joel! Much appreciated!!

Valentius said...

Andy, Candy and Jay by Avedon

Freya said...

Actually, I'm pretty sure the photographer was Cecil Beaton of Warhol...but I will need to verify that! Thanks for your input!

s said...

Hi Freya,
The unknown model in the Bert Stern piece (last two pics) is actress/model Leigh Taylor-Young. Former wife of Ryan O'Neill.