7 October 2010

1st November 1969

How to Look Terrific
Cover Model: Francoise Rubartelli
Photographed by: Penn

Hand by Avedon
Lauren Hutton by Avedon
Mouche by Avedon

Veronica Hamel by Avedon (thanks to Charles LaBrecque for ID-ing)

Editha, Moyra Swan and Benedetta Barzini by Penn

Francoise Rubartelli (L) by Penn, Penelope Tree (R) by Berry Berenson
Veruschka by Rubartelli

Anjelica Houston (L) and Ann Turkel by Penati
Ulla Bomser, Naomi Sims, Mouche, Birgitta and Ann Turkel by Penati

Susan Schoenberg by Avedon
Veronica Hamel, Cynthia Korman and Ulla Bomser by Avedon

Princess Ira Furstenberg by Alexis Waldeck

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