12 October 2010

1st September 1970 - UK Vogue

Your Next Great Looks in Rome and Paris Fashion
Cover Model: Mouche (I think David Bowie MUST have been influenced by this cover)
Photographed by: Clive Arrowsmith

Charles Jourdan ad
Jacqueline Bisset in Vogue's Own Boutique
Ann Schaufus in this totally non-stereotyped, pro-feminist ad
Ingrid Boulting and unknown model by Bailey

Caroline Delevingne (L) by Litchfield, Gunilla Lindblad (R) by Zachariasen
Francesca Wynne-Roberts (R) by Litchfield
Unknown (L) and Ingrid Boulting (R) by Lategan
Ann Schaufus by Clive Arrowsmith

Moyra Swan and unknown model by Henry Clarke

Jean Shrimpton by Bailey

Lynn Sutherland by Norman Parkinson

Christine Eastley by Norman Parkinson


Anonymous said...

the unknown model by Parkinson may well be Christine Eastley

plainsong said...

lovely lovely lovely Shrimp. The looks are great, THANK YOU! <3

Freya said...

Thanks Moyra, have credited her now.
Plainsong, she looks great on these doesn't she?