15 October 2010

December 1970 - UK Vogue

For Christmas
Cover Model: Ann Schaufuss
Photographed by: Clive Arrowsmith

Jean Shrimpton by Clive Arrowsmith
Ingrid Boulting and Penelope Tree by Bailey

Ann Schaufuss and Jean Shrimpton by Clive Arrowsmith

Ingrid Boulting (L) by CAO, unknown model (R) by Lategan
Unknown Models by Lategan
Lady Caroline Cholmondeley by Barry Lategan
Genevieve Waite by Avedon

Peter Brooks Production of Midsummer Night Dream by Snowdon

Penelope Tree by Cecil Beaton

Boots by Tessa Trager
Moyra Swan by Elisabeth Novick

Fashions in Giving


readysetfashion said...

this issue is awesome.

VANINA said...

Hi Freya,

I'm a big fan of the sixties. But I'm learning to love the seventies thanks to you.

Anonymous said...

I have adored Lady Caroline Cholmondeley since I first saw her in 50 Years of Vogue , a book my mom gave me at 14. I have searched high and low for that photo and was so happy to have found it on your blog. I even emailed the photographer to say how much I loved his photo. Imagine what a graceful 70 year old on her estate she would be now.

Anonymous said...

She was born in 1954, I think, so she isn't 70 yet.
I worked with her briefly in a Chelsea antique restoration shop in the early 70's.
She was the mirror of fashion at the time, with a Pre-Raphelite beauty which to this day I dream of.