2 October 2010

February 1970 - UK Vogue

The Peaches and Cream Look That Makes You a Beauty
Cover Model: Maudie James
Photographed by: Guy Bourdin

Patti Boyd by Bailey
Geschi Fengler and unknown model by Bailey

Jan Ward by Bailey
Unknown Model by Helmut Newton
Moyra Swan,Sue Baloo, Pattie Boyd and Ingrid Boulting by Barry Lategan

Moyra Swan and Geschi (?) by Bailey

Shoes by Tessa Traeger
Ingrid Boulting and unknown by Barry Lategan
Nicola Skewes-Cox and Rose Webster (not from Corrie) by Henry Clarke
Georgina Villiers and Anna Bianchi by Ruan O'Lochlainn
JJ, possibly Geschi, Maudie James and Chandrika by Helmut Newton

Lord Harlech and Pamela Colin's wedding by Litchfield
Gunilla Lindblad by Sarah Moon

Chandrika by Guy Bourdin

Elisabeth Nielsen by Elisabeth Novick


Anonymous said...

How amazing to see these photos again! Originally the Chamois leather photos were with me (Chandrika) and my brother (Darien), taken by Harry Peccinotti on a ranch with palomino horses. Guy Bourdin redid them in the studio, playing Serge Gainsbourg/Jane Birkin's "Je t'aime" non-stop. The unknown model in the Elizabeth Novick pictures is Elisabeth Nielsen.

Freya said...

Hi Chandrika! Thanks so much for commenting! It's great to hear from people that took part in the shoots!!
You know, I think that the Peccinotti shoot sounds like it would have been much more pictorial! What was Bourdin like to work with?
If you are interested in more of your shoots, this link leads to them:

Anonymous said...

good grief, I remember everything. can't believe it passed 42 years already!!!
in the 60s and early 70s I happened to work in a store, in the same street of 'hung on you', so I was much in the fashion scene, knowing lots of wonderful, interesting people. Soon I became friends with Michael Rainey and Jane, and also her siblings Julian, Victoria and Alice. I was at their father's wedding, so wish I could see the whole thing.... if I remember well, Alice was in a purple dress. Also remember Pattie Boyd in a hippie outfit.
That was the time of our lives!!!

Freya said...

Anonymous, there are more pages from that wedding, I will happily scan these for you if you like!

Anonymous said...

Oh... could you please do it?? I will be so happy!!
I don't have google account, my name is Emily! just to introduce myself ;)

Freya said...

Hi Emily, there was just another double spread which I have added to the post above - enjoy! Maybe you'll spot yourself in the photos!!

Anonymous said...

oh darling, thank you very much!!
I was a bit shy because I met Lord Harlech only a few times, actually it was the girls who invited me and insisted I should go. Plus we weren't close to Pamela, the bride. But they treated me kindly anyway. Great party... I remember dancing with Jane's children (Rose was the cutest little thing in the world) and sharing a bottle of wine with Alice in the end of the party.
Sadly we lost touch years later, but I remember them very fondly...