2 October 2010

January 1970 UK Vogue

And a new decade deserves a new look - hope you like it!
With the seventies we have some exciting new photographers to look forward to, Clive Arrowsmith, Chris von Wangenheim, Barry Lategan, Arthur Elgort, and of course, some great new models too: Patti Hansen, Jerry Hall, Marie Helvin, Cheryl Tiegs....
The icons in the sidebar may have changed slightly to reflect the new decade, but the search functions are exactly the same...
So, without further ado, welcome to the 70s and to UK Vogue January and February 1970!

The Great New Looks for You
Cover Model: Jan Ward (can't believe that from all the gorgeous shots of this Jan Ward shoot, they chose this awful photo for the cover)
Photographed by: David Bailey

Geschi Fengler by Clive Arrowsmith

Gunilla Lindblad by Sarah Moon

Article on Allen Jones
Geschi and Marina by Clive Arrowsmith

Unknown Models by Peccinotti
Unknown Model by Elizabeth Novick

Jann Howarth Patchwork (L)
Photo of Victoria Ormsby-Gore(L) by Tessa Traeger


plainsong said...

Ooh yes the cover is a bit zombie-ish...lol! I'm getting more into Clive Arrowsmith lately so I can't wait to see what'll show up...
Start of a new exciting adventure, thanks for all your work!

Freya said...

Exactly! I thought "zombie" too! Arrowsmith does have some wonderful shoots, as does Lategan. Quite dreamy but artistic.
Hope you enjoy the 70s!!


What I really LOVE are the Tropical Hippie Pics!! Wondering what my parents did these days - lol!!
Great style!