18 October 2010

January 1970

The Most Exciting Fashion....The Prettiest Looks Ever
Cover Model: Jane Birkin
Photographed by: John Cowan

Jean Shrimpton on the Santa Rosa
1970 by Erte
Pilar Crespi, Marisa Berenson by Anthony Horth
Lynn Sutherland by Penati
Lynn Sutherland, Cynthia Korman, Ann Turkel, Marisa Berenson by Penati

Natalie Wood by Penati in Zandra Rhodes
Lesley Patterson by Patrick Litchfield
Marisa Berenson, Ann Turkel, Elizabeth Princess of Toro, Benedetta Barzini, Charly Stember, Mouche, Editha, Francoise Rubartelli, Marsha Hunt and unknown models by Penati

Birigitta af Klercker and Charly Stember by Alexis Waldeck
Jane Birkin by Patrick Litchfield
Charly Stember, Ann Turkel, Lynn Sutherland, Mouche, Cynthia Korman and unknown model by Alexis Waldeck and Penati

Marisa Berenson, Ann Turkel, Benedetta and Charly Stember by Penati and Waldeck
Lynn Sutherland, Mouche by Penati
Sue Murray and unknown model by Henry Clarke
Mouche by Penn, Veruschka by Rubartelli
Bendetta Barzini, Veruschka and Donyale Luna
Ulla Bomser and Lynn Sutherland by Bergstrom

Jean Shrimpton and Jane Forth in Vogue's Own Boutique


VANINA said...

Hi Freya,

Great Jane Birkin cover. She was so fresh and natural back then. She had such big, beautiful eyes. Oddly, which look really small today. It's odd, she looks like a chinese. I don't find an explanation to this.
Thanks Freya.

John About Town said...

By any chance did you scan the pages with the article about becoming an interior designer? As an interior designer, myself - I'd love to see that!