8 October 2010

July 1970 - UK Vogue

Rethink Yourself...Your Clothes....Your Looks
Cover Model: Marisa Berenson with Helmut Berger
Photographed by David Bailey

Ann Schaufuss by Clive Arrowsmith
Drawings by Antonio

Unknown Model by Isi Valeris

Ingrid Boulting by Norman Parkinson

Shirley Ann Hayes (L) with children, Marisa Berenson (R) by unknown (pages missing)
Unknown Model by Clive Arrowsmith
Artwork by Patricia Faulkner
Ann Schafuss by Henry Clarke

Chandrika by Norman Parkinson

Unknown Model by Norman Parkinson
Penelope Tree by David Bailey
Lynn Sutherland and unknown model by Norman Parkinson


swanwithonen said...

I think the model with the children, next to the head shot of Marisa, is Shirley Ann Hayes

Freya said...

Thanks, hadn't got around to changing that. Have done it now!