26 November 2010

15th February 1971

You and the New Chic...
Cover Model: Susan Forristal
Photographed by: Avedon

Lynn Woodruff and unknown model by Elisabetta Catalano
Audrey Hepburn by Henry Clarke
Havington and Maria Kimberley by De Rosnay
Diane de Monbrison, Sheron Rathscheck and Marika Green by Henry Clarke

Carol Andre by Henry CLarke

Leigh Taylor-Young by Bert Stern
Editha by Penn
Pat Cleveland, Jane Hitchcock?, Charly Stember, Lynn Sutherland and Gunilla by Penn

Coco Chanel by Cecil Beaton

Gunilla by Penn

Lynn Foristal by Avedon


Unknown said...

It is so great what you have done here. it is so well organized and so much fun to look through. You have done the fashion and modeling industry a great service by posting these rare issues here. Once again, thank you for your very hard work.

Freya said...

Thanks so much Linda, your support is always, always appreciated!