10 November 2010

15th March 1971 - UK Vogue

50 Pages of British Fashion
Cover Models: Maudie James with Alan Bates
Photographed by: Barry Lategan

Simpsons and Heal ad campaign featuring Moyra Swan and Ingrid Boulting

Ad (L) featuring Donna Jordan
Moyra Swan, Shirley Ann Hayes, Sue Baloo by Bailey

Sue Baloo by Guy Bourdin

Ingrid Boulting for Biba by Sarah Moon
Butterfly Foot by Clive Arrowsmith
Moyra Swan (?) and unknown model by Henry Clarke
Maudie James and Moyra Swan by Henry Clarke

JJ by Norman Parkinson

Unknown Model by Barry Lategan


swanwithonen said...

yes, it is Moyra in the HC photo (with the birds), the other model in that spread is Maudie

ladybug said...

what a marvelous issue, great fun to look at. Moyra beautiful and the pictures of Guy Bourdin stand out so much.... funny how it shows so clear after time has passed...

Freya said...

Those Sue Baloo/Bourdin pictures are really beautiful aren't they?