5 November 2010

15th November 1970 - US Vogue

The New Accessory Thing...
Cover Model: Susan Schoenberg
Photographed by: Penati

Jackie O by Elio Sorgi
Jennifer Chambon by Jack Nisberg
Veruschka by Catalano, Greta Garbo by unknown
Diane de Monbrison and Veruschka by Arnaud de Rosnay
Beshka by Penati

Genevieve Waite by Avedon

Gunilla Lindblad by Zachariason
Lynn Sutherland by Norman Parkinson

Charlotte Rampling and Suzy Chaffee by Arnaud de Rosnay

Monica Vitti (gorgeous in those glasses!!) by Catalano
Lynn Sutherland (L) by unknown, Beshka by Penati
Unknown Model in "monokini" by Catalano
Gunilla Lindblad by Zachariasen

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