5 November 2010

15th October 1970

Look Great Right Now...
Cover Model: Karen Graham
Photographed by: Bert Stern

Cynthia Korman by John Cowan

Gunilla Lindblad by Zachariason
Cynthia Korman and unknown model by Avedon
Unknown Models by Penn
Unknown models and Ingrid Boulting by Bailey
Unknown Model and Gunila Lindblad by Penati
Anjelica Houston and Pilar Crespi by Penati
Ann Turkel by Penati
Unknown Model, Ann Turkel by Penati

Suzy Kendall and Claudine Auger and other "beautiful people" in sunglasses
Unknown Models by Patrick Litchfield

Hylette Adolphe and Lizzie Spencer by Patrick Litchfield

1 comment:

Sophia said...

The unknown model in the Penati pieces is Beshka.