18 November 2010

15th October 1971 - UK Vogue

Real-Life Fashion!
Cover Model: Apollonia
Photographed by: Peter Knapp

Jane Lumb ad
Misc. feet by Bailey
Unknown Model by Bailey

Ann Schaufuss by Norman Parkinson

Jody Johnson (L), Lady Annunziata Asquith (R) by Bailey
Lady Ellinor Gordon-Lennox and Virginia Astor by Bailey
Stacy Tendeter (L) by Bailey, unknown model (R) by Saul Leiter
Unknown Model by Roberta Booth

Mouche by Norman Parkinson
Pat Cleveland by Norman Parkinson

Apollonia and Anjelica Houston by Jonvelle

Patricia Rawlings by Norman Parkinson


Sophia said...

Hi Freya,
The unknown model by Norman Parkinson is Pat Cleveland.

Norman Parkinson Archive said...

Hi Freya,

We have just discovered that the model in the Pablo and Delia Premiere spread is also Pat Cleveland, not Mouche!

Norman Parkinson Archive