2 November 2010

1st August 1970

Find your own Prettiest Look
Cover Model: Gunilla Lindblad
Photographed by: David Bailey

Genevieve Waite by Maurice Hogenboom
Isabella Rossellini by Sergio Alocci
Ann Schaufuss, Ann Watson, Francoise Hardy, Diane de Monbrison, Olga Georges-Picot, Deborah Dufour, Baronne Francois de Nerciat all by Arnaud de Rosnay

Laura Bernard and Penelope Tree by Bailey

Charlotte Rampling by Arnaud de Rosnay
Gunilla Lindblad with Pete Duel and Michael Douglas by Zachariasen

Joanna Shimkus by Penati

Gunilla Lindblad by Zachariasen

Marisa Berenson by Penati
Karen Graham by Bert Stern
Vogue's Own Boutique featuring designs by Pepperland, modelled by Pat Evans, Deanna, Patricia and others
Marisa Berenson by Berry Berenson and others

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