26 November 2010

1st February 1971

All Day Everyday
Cover Model: Catherine Deneuve
Photographed by: Just Jaeckin

Sunglasses ad featuring Jean Shrimpton
Ali Mcgraw for Chanel
Bailey gets a haircut (and Burt Bacharach in white coat)
Marisa Berenson by Berry Berenson
Gunilla Lindblad by Penn
Tonne Goodman by Alexis Waldeck

Lynn Sutherland, Gunilla Lindblad, Pat Cleveland, Beshka, Editha, Charly Stember and Jane Hitchcock(?) by Penati and Penn

Tonne Goodman and Ann Turkel by Alexis Waldeck

Beshka by Penn

Pattie Boyd and Tonne Goodman by Alexis Waldeck


Sophia said...

Hi Freya,

The unknown model in both of the Waldeck features is Tonne Goodman.
Today she is a fashion director at US Vogue, and does a lot of the "star" layouts.


Freya said...

Hi Sophia! I knew that you'd know! I recognised her but just couldn't place her. That said, I still don't recognise the name!!! I won't forget it now.