23 November 2010

1st January 1971

Your Best Bets for 1971
Cover Model: Lauren Hutton
Photographed by: Arnaud de Rosnay

Patek Phillipe watch by Penati
Jean Shrimpton by Avedon

Catherine Deneuve by Avedon
Gunilla Lindblad, Charly Stember and Cynthia Korman by Penati

Pilar Crespi by William Connors
Marisa Berenson and Beshka by Penati
Ann Turkel and Lynn Sutherland by Alexis Waldeck
Donna Jordan and Marisa Berenson by unknown
Unknown Models by Alexis Waldeck
Ann Turkel by Alexis Waldeck
Maudie James, Charly Stember and Lynn Sutherland by Penati

Lauren Hutton by Penn
Marisa Berenson and Claudine Auger by Avedon
Karen Graham by Penn
Jane Forth by Calmettes, Unknown Models by Alexis Waldeck
Penelope Tree and Ingrid Boulting by Bailey

Gunilla Lindblad by JP Zachariasen

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Sophia said...

Hi Freya,
Just noticed that is Naty Abascal in the Qiana ad, next to the Patek Philippe watch...and I think I recognize Tonne Goodman in the Alexis Waldeck shoot..she's the one in gladiator-style sandals...and is that Pat McGuire on the extreme left ?
P.S. Did I tell you that I cited your blog on my profile page ?