10 November 2010

1st March 1971 - UK Vogue

The Glamorous Image
Cover Model: Florence LaFuma
Photographed by: Barry Lategan

Vogue Boutique featuring Talitha Getty
Vogue Boutique featuring Gala Mitchell, Chelita Secunda, Jill Peccinotti
Ad for Candlelight Leisurewear featuring Moyra Swan

Unknown Models by Lategan
Fold out Spread by Lategan featuring Sue Baloo, Grace Coddington and Shelly Smith

Pilar Crespi by Henry Clarke

Irene Andreae by David Montgomery, Andrea-Martin Liesenfeld by Lichfield
Valerie Fox and Barbara Parkins by Lichfield
Laura Miles by Henry Clarke
Jenny Agutter by Snowdon
Elizabeth Taylor by Snowdon
Audrey Hepburn by Henry Clarke

Ann Turkel by Lichfield

Unknown Model by Norman Parkinson
Louise Despointes by Barry Lategan

Sue Baloo by Guy Bourdin

Sophia Loren by Snowdon

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