17 July 2012

1st March 1971

Super Fashion
Cover Model: Jean Shrimpton
Photographed by: Avedon

Leigh Taylor-Young by Bert Stern

Shelley Duvall by Bert Stern

Pat Cleveland, Charly Stember, Editha, Gunilla Lindblad, Lynn Sutherland, Marisa Berenson, Lynn Woodruff, Viviane by Penn and Penati

Gunilla by Penn
Gunilla by Penati

Ann Turkel by Patrick Litchfield


Anonymous said...

Just a question, is something wrong with the dates on this blog? This says it was posted November 29th, but it appared on here December 9? Is there some sort of delay going on?

Freya said...

Sorry, not sure how effects you looking at my blog but for your information, I scan the issues sometimes a week in advance and save them as drafts and upload one or two a day, hence the blog date will be more often than not earlier than the date it is posted on.