4 November 2010

1st October 1970

Special Beauty Issue
Cover Model: Karen Graham
Photographed by: Penati

Marisa Berenson by Berry Berenson

Unknown Model (L) and Ingrid Boulting by Avedon
Bendetta Barzini by Turillazzi
Ann Schaufuss by Clive Arrowsmith
Lou Lou de la Falaise and Lauren Hutton by Avedon
Cynthia Korman by Avedon
Hands by Avedon
Pilar Crespi by Avedon

Marisa Berenson by Berry Berenson
Lauren Hutton, Lou Lou, Birgitta, Anjelica Houston, Ann Turkel, Karen Graham, Charlene Dash by Bert Stern

INes Callajea, Susy Dyson by Henry Clarke

Lauren Hutton, Editha, Birgitta, Lou Lou by Penn

Lou Lou by Patrick Litchfield

Genevieve Gilles by Alexis Waldeck
Berry Berenson, Cher in Vogues Own Boutique

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