19 November 2010

December 1971 - UK Vogue

Christmas Vogue is a Great Secret
Cover Model: Apollonia
Photographed by: Christa Peters

Apollonia in the Seychelles by Norman Parkinson

Marie Helvin (looking like Imelda Marcos in the right!) by Christa Peters

Noelle Kao by Clive Arrowsmith
Unknown Model by Arrowsmith
John and Yoko interview by Polly Devlin (photos by Bailey)

Celia Hammond and unknown models by Parkinson (think that's Parkinson in the Fez and slippers?)
Susan Blakely and Margrit Ramme by David Montgomery

Groovy Mens clothes
Pat Cleveland by Clive Arrowsmith


plainsong said...

oh those Marie Helvin pics are beautiful!! :O Like an oil painting! (only wish the first left one didn't get cut off by the scanner)

Freya said...

Yes, I only just noticed that has been cut off, I'll try and rescan it for you!!