1 November 2010

July 1970

The Biggest Fashion News in Years
Cover Model: Jean Shrimpton
Photographed by: David Bailey

Legs by Alexis Waldeck (R)
Contessa Consuelo Crespi by Catalano
Mary Russell by Horst, Candice Bergen by Bert Stern
Marisa Berenson, Birgitta af Klercker, Lynn Sutherland, Elizabeth Princess of Toro, Charlene Dash, Cynthia Korman and unknown by Penati

Gunilla Lindblad, Jean Shrimpton, Diane de Monbrison, Udo Kier, Lynn Sutherland, Charly Stember by Martinet, Zachariasen and Penati

Marisa Berenson and unknown models by Litchfield and Waldeck

Marisa Berenson by Penati
The Geisha 1970 by Penn

Gunilla Lindblad and Ann Turkel by Zachariasen

Marisa Berenson by Berry Berenson
Karen Graham by Penn
Unknown Model by Penn
Cynthia Korman by Penn
Candice Bergen by John Cowan
Karen Graham by Bert Stern
Unknown Model (L) and Ann Turkel (R) by Penati
Naomi Sims modelling for Giorgio di Sant'Angelo
Pat Evans by Unknown (L)

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