15 November 2010

June 1971 - UK Vogue

New Beauty Etiquette
Cover Model: Ingrid Boulting
Photographed by: David Bailey

News from Paris featuring Gala Mitchell and Ossie Clark
John Donald ad featuring Sue Baloo, Moyra Swan and unknown model by Lategan

Cathee Dahmen and Gala Mitchell by Peter Knapp

Sue Baloo by Peter Knapp
Hand and Foot by Penn
Jean Shrimpton (L) and Sue Baloo (R) by Bailey and Lategan (respectively)
Sue Baloo and Maudie James (L) by Steve Hiett, Lady Sarah Courage (R) by Lichfield
Cathee Dahmen and Sue Baloo by Barry Lategan

Ann Schaufuss and Abigail Pearson-Gee by Henry Clarke

Moyra Swan by Bailey

Tracy Weed by Elisabeth Novick

Gala Mitchell by David Montgomery

Audrey Hepburn by Henry Clarke

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