16 November 2010

September 1971 - UK Vogue

Princess Anne 21st Birthday
Cover Model: (duh) Princess Anne
Photographed by: Norman Parkinson

Moyra Swan ad for Jaeger
Apollonia and Susan Moncur by Peter Knapp

Apollonia (L) by Lategan, Lynne Frederick (R) by Lichfield
Various 70s Hairdos and don'ts
Nancy Mitchell (bottom L), Carolone van den Bosch (L), Christina Onassis (Top R), Nicholas Cobbold (bottom R) all by Lichfield
Josephine Chaplin (L) by Annette Green and a demure Charlotte Rampling by Catalano
Unknown Model(s) by Elisabetta Catalano

Penelope Tree, Gala, Kellie and unknown model (inset) by Bailey
Drawings by Antonio
Moyra Swan and unknown model by Barry Lategan

Gunilla Lindblad by Barry Lategan

Tracy Weed by Richard Davis
Pattie Boyd by David Bailey

Gala Mitchell and Christiana by Hans Feurer

Lee Radziwell by Horst

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Fantastic blog. Amazing Gala photos!
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