15 December 2010

15th September 1971

It's a Great Year for Coats!
Cover Model: Jean Shrimpton
Photographed by: Bailey

Jean Shrimpton and Karen Graham by Bailey

Lynn Woodruff and Karen Graham by Penati

Jean Shrimpton by Bailey

Claudine Auger by Bailey
Jean Shrimpton by Bailey

Karen Graham by Bailey
Samantha Jones by Penati
Barbara Carrera (?) by Penati
Viviane and Jeanette Christiansen (married to John Casablancas, thanks to Sophia!) by Helmut Newton

Unknown Model by Bailey


plainsong said...

fantastic Shrimp issue....thanks!!

Sophia said...

Hi Freya,
Happy New Year....looking forward to lots of wonderful posts.

The unknown model in the Helmut Newton (Rome) piece is Danish model Jeanette Christiansen. She was married to John Casablancas the founder of Elite model agency.