1 December 2010

1st April 1971

The Easy Pretty Head
Cover Model: Charly Stember
Photographed by: Avedon

Jean Shrimpton sunglasses ad

Goldie Hawn by Avedon
Audrey Hepburn by Henry Clarke

Karen Graham by Penn
Lauren Hutton by Penn
Susan Forristal and Karen Graham by Penn

Mia Farrow and Naomi Sims by Lichfield and Avedon, respectively
Lynn Woodruff by Penn
Naomi Sims by Penn
Lauren Hutton, Susan Forristal, Charly Stember, Elnora, Evelyn Kuhn and unknown models by Avedon

Gunilla by JP Zachiarasen

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Sophia said...

Hi Freya,
One of the unknown models in the Avedon piece is lovely Evelyn Kuhn.