15 December 2010

1st September 1971

The New York Collections
Cover Model: Pat Dow
Photographed by Bailey

Charly Stember by Penn
Jeanette Christiansen by Bailey
Charly Stember, Gunilla, Pat Dow, Lynn Woodruff, Barbara Carrera, Samantha Jones by Penn

Jeanette Christiansen, Barbara Carrera, Pat Dow and Samantha Jones by Bailey

Charly Stember, Gunilla, Barbara Carrera, Jeanette Christiansen, Lynn Woodruff by Penn and Bailey

Donna Mitchell by Avedon

Jane Hitchcock by Bailey
Barbara Carrera, Lynn Woodruff, Charly Stember, Samantha JOnes, Lynn Sutherland by Penn

Pat Dow and Barbara Carrera by Bailey

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