14 December 2010

December 1963 - for Sophia

As a thank you for all the help with IDing models this year, here is an issue of US Vogue, December 1962...perhaps you can help ID ALL of them for me!! HAPPY CHRISTMAS SOPHIA!
Cover Model: Sandra Paul

Nico by Art Kane


Freya said...

Pretty sure the blond in the green and blue swimsuits is Velvet Underground chanteuse, Nico?

Sophia said...

Oh Freya...
What a fabulous present...thank you, thank you, thank you !!

...and now to the real fun....YES ! you are right that IS Nico, she's also in the large black and white photo, and with her in that shoot is Dolores Wettach.

Of course we have the usual suspects like Wilhelmina, Mirella, Brigitte, but I also see Iris Bianchi, Sondra Peterson, and Astrid Heeren.

You also have a royal, namely Princess Paola of Belgium, an aristo The Baroness Thierry van Zuylen and of course my IDOL Audrey.

The only thing is...I don't know who's on the cover ???

All in all a fantastic issue !!

Now, if you'll excuse me I've got some posting to do, hee, hee!

Merry Christmas to you and yours Freya, may all good things come your way !


Sophia said...

Just noticed another model, Pamela Tiffin (became an actress), she's in the "Blouse" piece, the one wearing the pearls, also in the small inset with Wilhelmina. I also See Comtesse Jaqueline de Ribes,and Countess Elisabeth von Bismarck.

Sophia said...

Hi Freya,
Still don't know who's on the cover, but she's wearing a gold sequined dress by Arnold Scaasi and the cover is by Bert Stern