10 January 2011

15th November 1971

What to Wear at your House....their House
Cover Model: Pat Dow
Photographed by: Penati

Still Life by Irving Penn
Mrs Betsy Pickering by Bert Stern
Mrs Alexandria Cushing by Bert Stern
Annette Reed by Bert Stern
Cynthia Korman and Barbara Carrera by Penn

Katalin Kallay by Penati

Cynthia Korman by Penn
Katalin Kallay and Karen Graham by Penn

Cynthia Korman by Penn
Lauren Hutton by Avedon

Lucy Angle by Avedon (thanks Sophia!)
Jane Birkin by Arnaud de Rosnay
Karen Graham by Alexis Waldeck
Denise Hopkins by Alexis Waldeck
Dayle Haddon in Observations


Sophia said...

Hi Freya,

The unknown model by Avedon is Lucy Angle, popular teen model.


Sophia said...

Unknown model by Alexis Waldeck is Denise Hopkins.


Unknown said...

Dayle Haddon is the model in Observations.