20 January 2011

15th September 1972 - UK Vogue

Clothes for the Lives you Lead
Cover Model: Sue Baloo
Photographed by Bailey

Ann Schaufuss and unknown model by Peter Knapp

Ingmari Lami by Barry Lategan

Pilar Crespi by Arthur Elgort

Sue Baloo by Peter Knapp

Shelley Smith by Elisabeth Novick

Alexandra Bastedo by Bailey

Elnora and Susan Moncur by Clive Arrowsmith

Shelley Smith and unknown model by Henry Clarke

Mary Travers (L) by Bailey, Ingmari Lami (R) by Barry Lategan

Men in Vogue
Sue Baloo by unknown
Interiors by Vogue

"My fireplace is better than your fireplace"


Sophia said...

Hi Freya,
The model you've identified as Shelley Smith is not her. I don't know who she is (yet), but it's not Shelley.

Rudy Outreville said...

Fantastic blog, I just look at everything, i love it , thank's you very much.