25 January 2011

1st January 1972

How We See You - the woman of today
Cover Model: Lauren Hutton
Photographed by: Avedon

Susan Blakely and Denise Hopkins by Bailey

Twiggy by the London Daily Express
Caterine Milinaire by Avedon
Cybill Shepherd and Kitty Hawks by Jack Robinson and Berry Berenson
Andrea Portao, Amina, Edie Baskin, Nancy North, Kitty Hawks by Berry Berenson
Jeanette Christansen by Helmut Newton
Lynn Woodruff by Penn

Unknown Model by Berry Berenson
Denise Hopkinsl by unknown photographer
Cynthia Korman and Emmanuellel by Helmut Newton

Donna Jordan and Marie Helvin on the catwalk for Cacherel


Perdita Tinsel said...

Is it just me or is Lauren Hutton a little cross eyed on the cover?

Sophia said...

Hi Freya,
The unknown model in the Bailey piece is Denise Hopkins.


Sophia said...

....also the unknown model by unknown photographer is Denise Hopkins as well.