11 January 2011

1st March 1972 - UK Vogue

Paris - Stars from the Collections and Great Fashion
Cover Model: Princess Grace of Monaco
Photographed by: Lord Snowdon

Moyra Swan ad for Timex

Charlotte Rampling by Bailey

Jane Birkin by Bailey
Valentino Catwalk
Unknown Model by Peter Knapp
Jap models
Pat Cleveland by Guy Bourdin

Ingmari Lami, Apollonia von Ravenstein and Donna Jordan by Peter Knapp

Verde Visconti and Ewa Aulin by Elisabetta Catalano
Nathalie Hambro and Joanna Shimkus by Lichfield and Lord Snowdon
Christiana by Clive Arrowsmith
Unknown Model by Richard Dunkley

Ingmari Lami and unknown model by Barry Lategan

Unknown Models by Sarah Moon
Ingmari Lami by Barry Lategan


plainsong said...

Charlotte Rampling by Bailey, woah, so gorgeous! Thank you <3

I notice these two most recent Grace Kelly covers...for such a "famed" beauty her covers are somewhat frumpy & unflattering...haha :D

Anonymous said...

Many viewed that "real woman feel" as the charm of Grace. She was a beauty, who worked hard at her craft, but not a staged woman. She picked flowers- baked cookies- cared about charities and tried to be a good wife and mother it seems. And friend I gather from reading of her. She was a lady, if not perfect. Not many celebs these days can say that..... very sadly.

Anonymous said...

Love your photos, but the label JAP MODELS is disrespectful and akin to 'spick, kike, wop', and other negative ethnic labels. Please call them "Japanese Models". Thank you.

Freya said...

Anonymous, if you carefully read the page, instead of just assuming that I had used some vile racial slur, it clearly states the name of the fashion house, JAP. They were a multi-cultural fashion house, who always used their own models. This is where designer Kenzo started off his career too, I believe.