10 January 2011

January 1972 - UK Vogue

Go Vogue 72!
Cover Model: Apollonia von Ravenstein
Photographed by: Clive Arrowsmith

Marie Helvin, Susan Blakely and Inger Kent by Arthur Elgort

1972 You Paris featuring Donna Jordan and Josie Tomba (thanks to Corey for ID-ing!!)

Jean Shrimpton by Bailey

Wallis Franken by DUC

Count and Countessa Jean de Rohan-Chabot
Victoria Tennant b Patrick Litchfield (L) and Alexis Waldeck (R)
Ava Cherry (L) by Barry Lategan, Ann Schaufuss (R) by Clive Arrowsmith
Pat Cleveland (R) by Clive Arrowsmith
Feets by Tessa Traeger
Jean Shrimpton by Bailey
Men in Vogue

Apollonia and Christiana Steidten by Jonvelle

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Anonymous said...

The unknown model photographed by DUC (sailor suit), Wallis Franken could be?