10 February 2011

15th April 1972

The Snappiest New Clothes to Wear
Cover Model: Sophia Loren
Photographed by: Henry Clarke

Karen Graham ad (R)
Mouche ad (R)
Vogue Observations including Jane Forth with baby Emerson (Eric Emerson's son)
Sophia Loren by Henry Clarke

Shelley Smith and unknown models by Kourken Pakchanian

Viviane by Penn
Cynthia Korman by Penn
Karen Graham, Cynthia Korman and Viviane by Penn

Marisa Berenson by Avedon

Viviane by Penn
Karen Graham by Penn
Unknown Model by Penati

1 comment:

Sophia said...

Hi Freya,
In the Penati piece, I see Regine Jaffry (the brunette in the black/white photos). Also That's Charly Stember in the Dynel wig ad opposite Karen Graham.