10 February 2011

15th March 1972

Feel Free....live it up....look terrific!
Cover Model: Karen Graham
Photographed by: Penati

Gunilla Lindblad with Gerard Falconette (thanks to Corey Grant Tippin for the ID) by Alex Chatelain

Cristina Ferrare by Henry Clarke

Regine Jaffrey by Alexis Waldeck

Gunilla Lindblad, Emanuelle and unknown models by Helmut Newton

Sylvie Vartan, Dominique Sanda and Marie-Louise Pearson by Frank Horvat

Emanuelle and unknown model by Helmut Newton
Ingemarie Lami (L) by Alex Chatelain, unknown model (R) by Frank Horvat
Ingemarie Lami by Bailey
Gunilla Lindblad and Emanuelle by Alex Chatelain

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