18 March 2011

15th September 1973 - UK Vogue

How to Find Your Best Looks in British Fashion
Cover Model: Ingmari Lami
Photographed by: Bailey

Viyella ad by Patrick Hunt featuring Sue Murray and unknown models

Fake Fur Ad
Ann Schaufuss, Lynn Woodruff (?) and unknown models by Toscani

Unknown Model by Elisabeth Novick

Jan Ward and unknown model by David Montgomery

Wallis Franken, Laura Alvarez and unknown model by Arthur Elgort

Ingmari Lami by Bailey

Unknown Model by Andreas Heumann

Jean Shrimpton by Bailey
Carole Singleton by Guy Bourdin

Grace Coddington by Eric Boman
Pilar Crespi by Henry Clarke


Anna Lee said...

I love this issue! Especially the set of Grace Coddington by Eric Boman. Absolutely stunning.

Thank you so much for everything you do here. I've been admiring this blog for a long time now (before I even had a blogger account!) and just thought I'd tell you. Keep it up!

Freya said...

Hi Anna Lee, thanks so much for your lovely comment! I hope that you continue to be inspired by the amazing images here! All I do is scan them, I have no part in their brilliance!