27 April 2011

Sad News for Me, Good News for You!

As I get closer to the end of CiaoVogue (just one year away from 1975!!), I have decided to sell off my Vogue collection. As regular readers will know, this is every issue of UK and US Vogue from 1965-1975.
If anyone is interested in specific issues, please email us at ciaovogue@hotmail.co.uk
Prices will depend on year/condition etc. Shipping calculated on whereabouts in the world you are.
I am really sad to be saying goodbye to my magazines but I think it is time to pass them on and let other people benefit from them.
Please no dealers - I will not sell the collection in bulk.
To see what issues are available, click here for US issues and here for UK issues.
For now though, I still have the rest of 1974 and 1975 to complete, so for those of you who enjoy online browsing of magazines, please continue!

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