24 June 2011

15th October 1975 - UK Vogue

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Cover Model: Eva Maelstrom
Photographed by: Barry Lategan

Unknown Model by Toscani

Ingmari Lami by Donovan
Beshka by Alex Chatelaine
Katalin Kallay by Norman Parkinson
Unknown Model by Barry Lategan
Unknown Model by Fabrizio Ferri
Grace Coddington and Michael Chow by Willie Christie (interestingly, it seems that Grace and Michael are divorced and Michael is now married to Tina!!)


Perdita said...

Loving the countryside panoramas and knits/tweeds/leathers. It's a look I remember strongly from my childhood years, and it works so well with a moody, rural sky behind it.

Victoria said...

Love this retro country style magazine shoots. so wonderful. x

Ashley Pomeroy said...

I dunno, it looks a bit like a fashion catalogue rather than Vogue - there's a kind of blandness to the photography that seemed to creep in during the 1970s. The 60s issues are generally bold and minimalist, but there's a tacky soft-focus air to a lot of the 1970s issues that went out of fashion quickly and hasn't aged well. I wonder if the 1980s issues were full of neon, shoulderpads, etc?