22 July 2011

April 1967 - Vogue Italia

Una Moda Pronta
Cover Model: Shirley Anne Hayes (?)
Photographed by: Eric Swayne

Twiggy by Bert Stern
Unknown Model by Krasti
Samantha Jones and Ann Turkel by Bert SternBarbara Berger and unknown model by Lunardi
Donna Mitchell and Antonial by Guy Bourdin
Unknown Model by RubartelliCaterine Millinaire by AvedonVanessa and Lynn Redgrave by Avedon
Vogue Boutique featuring Carol Baker and Talitha GettyUnknown Model by Unknown


Sweet Jane said...

Another gorgeous issue !!! Loving the Twiggy by Bert Stern and the Paco Rabanne shoots in particular ; )

Sophia said...

Hi Freya,
The unknown model with Donna Mitchell in the Bourdin feature is Antonia.

Wish I could confirm your Shirley Ann Hayes pics...alas, I don't know her.


plainsong said...

that outfit Donna Mitchell is wearing is the same one Jean Shrimpton was wearing in the previous Paris Vogue you posted, Haha!

Another amazing issue, so lovely to see these.

Freya said...

Sweet Jane, they are such great shoots, aren't they? They so typify the era!
Sophia, thanks again for the ID. This is Shirley-Ann:
Let me know what you think. She looks a bit different on all the pictures so it's hard to confirm.
Plainsong, well spotted but this issue is Italia and the other is Paris. I imagine that if we look at UK and US from the same month, the same dress appears there too. The difference is in the more styilised photography I think of the Paris/Italia. x

Sophia said...

Hi Freya,
I looked at the different composites of Shirley, and I am positive now this is her. The main give-away is her nose and her upper lip, it has a defined line. You were spot-on :)

As for Plainsong, you're right in spotting the same clothes...but that has been true in almost all of the Vogues. And as Freya mentioned if you go back in the issues , you can spot the same clothes in both US and UK Vogues. I imagine whatever fashion is featured in any given month will by published in all the fashion magazines including Harper's Bazaar, Queen etc... Just the models and photographers will be different.


John Hooton said...

I can confirm that the model shot by Eric Swayne is Shirley Ann Hayes who later married Swayne. I was a photographer working in Milan at this time, when I met Eric and Shirley, who I both knew from London during my assistant days, when I was working for John Cowan.