14 July 2011

September 1975 - Paris Vogue

Cover Model: Dani
Photographed by: Helmut Newton

Willy Van Rooy in ads for Givenchy and Nina Ricci
Vibeke Knudsen and Sirpa Lane (thanks Sophia!) by Helmut Newton
Vibeke Knudsen, Tina Chow and unknown models by Frank Horvat
Clio Goldsmith(?) and unknown model by Guy BourdinMarie Helvin and Pat Cleveland (last page) by Bailey
Unknown Models by Karen Radkai
Sydne Rome by Henry Clarke
Linda Eddy by Henry Clarke
Anne Marie B, Lise de la Rochefoucauld and Marie-Claude Beaumont by Henry Clarke
Janice Dickinson by Henry Clarke
Vibeke Knudsen by BaileyValeska by Barbieri
Unknown Models by Unknown PhotographerCheryl Tiegs, Aurore Clement and Anna Anderson by Hans Feurer
Valeska by BarbieriBeshka and Otti by Mike Reinhardt
Dalila di Lazzaro by Hans Feurer
Unknown Model (R) by Karen Radkai
Unknown Model by Henry Clarke
Unknown Models by Otto Stupakoff


Sophia said...

Hi Freya,
The unknown model with Vibeke in the Helmut Newton piece is Finnish actress Sirpa Lane.

Anonymous said...

No it's not, it's swedish model Carina Landehag

Anonymous said...

Unknown Model with photographer Karen Radki is Lisa Crosby.. Posted by Lisa Crosby

Anonymous said...

The Asian model with the Givenchy shot is positively not Tina Chow. It's a Philippino model who became one of the very diversified cabine models for YSL's Haute Couture, the same period with Kira, Mounia and later Katoucha. Sorry that her name slipped my mind! I met her at Avenue Marceau the winter of 1979.