22 August 2011

15th October 1969 - US Vogue

How to Look Great
Cover Model: Susan Schoenberg
Photographed by: Penn

Anjelica Huston by Avedon
Ingrid Boulting by Avedon
Norell ad
Mrs Paul Anka by Bert Stern
Cynthia Korman by Avedon
Marisa Berenson by Arnaud de RosnayFrancoise Rubartelli by Penn
Berkley Johnson by Barbieri
Ulla Bomser, Cynthia Korman and Ann Turkel by Avedon


SWEET JANE said...

Fabulous issue..so much great stuff in it !

Sophia said...

Hi Freya,
Mrs. Paul Anka was the former top-model Anne de Zogheb. She graced many covers of Vogue in the early sixties.