30 August 2011

1st September 1973 - US Vogue

American Fashion
Cover Model: Karen Graham
Photographed by: Avedon

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Karen Graham by Penn
Karen Graham and Anne Holbrook by Penn
Cheryl Tiegs and Anne Holbrook by Pakchanian


Billy said...

What a great issue and as its NY Fashion Week at the moment the clothes here look right off the present runways.
In case anyone's interested Apollonia after a successful-ish career as an actress in her homeland Holland is now happily married to a ship builder and travels around the world. as gorgeous as ever.

Freya said...

Billy! Thank you so much for all of your wonderful comments! I am always thrilled when people take the time to leave a message, to ID a model or just to pass on a little story. I had heard that Apollonia was doing something on cruise liners - she has always been one of my favourite models, not classically beautiful but oozing charisma and the "it" factor that just shines through in all her photos! Thanks again!

Sophia said...

Hi Freya,
Apollonia married Holland-America Line Captain Edward van Zaane. For six months out of each year the couple make their home on the flagship MS Amsterdam, spending the other six months at home in The Hague or in favorite vacation spots in Portugal, Spain and Germany. A dream-life if you ask me :)