19 August 2011

Avril 1977 - Paris Vogue

Deja L'Ete
Cover Model: Claire Beresford (thanks to Babywoman for IDing!)
Photographed by: Helmut Newton

Guy Bourdin for Gianni Versace
Guy Bourdin for Jourdan Shoes
Debbie Dickenson by Mike Reinhardt
Janice Dickinson by Mike Reinhardt
Beverly Johnson and Lisa Taylor by Helmut NewtonKathy Quirk, Sofia Kukkonen and unknown models by Guy Bourdin
Saki and unknown Models by Jerome Ducrot


Sophia said...

Hi Freya,

A correction for you....that is not Jane Hitchcock with Marie Helvin in the Bailey feature...it is model Anna Andersen.



Hello :-)
The cover is Clare Beresford
Third model by Bourdin is Sofia Kukkonen
Anna Andersen not Jane Hitchcock
last pic on left is Saki
Thanks for the amazing site xxx