8 August 2011

February 1972 - Vogue Italia

La Primavera 72
Cover Model: Ann Schaufuss
Photographed by: Alex Chatelain

Ellesse Ad
Valentino at the Factory with Andy, Cyrinda Foxe, Elsa Peretti by Chris von Wangenheim
Christiana Steidten by Barry LateganApollonia and Louise Despointes(?) by Bugat
Unknown Model by TomeucciApollonia and Louise Despointes by Bugat
Donna Jordan by Toscani

Unknown Model by: Erhardt


Anonymous said...

The Model on PARIGI series opening + raw 6+7 below is EVA MALMSTRÖM.

Joël Eskimo

Anonymous said...

The Model on "la donna toglie la MASCHERA" photographed by Barry Lategan is still Eva Malmström, not Christiana...

Joël Eskimo.

audrey73 said...

I have just found your blog and I´m delighted. I´m a vintage lover from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and your work is a great contribution to us.

Thank you!!!!

xoxo, Mariana