24 August 2011

June/July 1971 - Paris Vogue

Sorry, a fairly boring issue of Paris Vogue, excluding a great Wallis Franklin shoot!
Une Mode de Plein Air
Cover Model: Kiki Caron (French Olympic Swimming Champion)
Photographed by: Frank Horvat

BB by Presse Sports
Unknown Models by Helmut Newton
(L to R) at Au Mans: Beatrice Martin, Caroline Ballot-Lena, Scottie Taby and Beatrice Martin
Claude Mandon-Naud (L), Kiki Caron (R) by Frank Horvat
Nelly Liron (L), Dominique Borre-Don by HorvatMartine Giraud by Horvat
Wallis Franklin and Louise Despointes by DUC
Unknown Model by Guy Bourdin
Susy Dyson (thanks Sasha!) by Maurice Hogenboom


Anonymous said...

I think the model with Wallis Franklin may be my old pal Sally Martin (then Sally Lee), Moyra

Anonymous said...

with Wallis the french model Louise Despointes.