31 August 2011

October 15th 1973 - Vogue Italia

in edizione speciale
Cover Model: Barbara Carrere
Photographed by: Alex Chatelain
Thanks to Joel for helping ID!!!

Aijia Models for Etro

Chris Royer by Gianpaolo Barbieri
Ann Schaufuss and Ingmari Lami by Bailey
Dayle Haddon and Paula Moore by Carlo Orsi
Isabelle Weingarten by Unknown
Isabelle Weingarten by Manfredi Bellati
Tracy Weed and Robyn Peterson by Gianpaolo Barbieri


eskimo-joel said...

Unknown Model by unknown is Isabelle Weingarten

eskimo-joel said...

The unknown model with Tracy Weed by Carlo Orsi is Paula Moore, a future singer

eskimo-joel said...

The unknown Model with Tracy Weed by Barbieri is Robyn Peterson

eskimo-joel said...

The unknown mode by Manfredi Bellati is Isabelle Weingarten

Anonymous said...

with Catalano : the brunette LISA PALMER and the blonde LONE