1 September 2011

April 1974 - Vogue Italia

Eleganza, Cos'e?
Cover Model: Carole Singleton
Photographed by: Barry Lategan
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Willy van Rooy with Alejandro by Barry Lategan
Margrit Ramme and Lisa Palmer by William Connors
Sue Murray and Jane Goddard by Bailey
Margrit Ramme and Lisa Palmer by William Connors
Sue Murray by Unknown
Lois Chiles by Sokolsky
Gunilla Lindblad, Charly Stember by Peter Knapp
Unknown Models (Aurore Clement?) by Carlo Orsi
Margrit Ramme and Lisa Palmer by William Connors
Unknown MOdels by Carlo Orsi
Vogues Nelle Boutiques featuring Courreges newest collection

Ad for Otto


Sophia said...

Hi Freya,
The unknown model with Margrit Ramme in the William Connors piece is Lisa Palmer. She was with Elite during the early seventies.

Freya said...

Hi Sophia! Thanks for the ID. Lisa appears in other shoots that I've already scanned so I'm happy to be able to name her! With regard to the model I have ID'd as Margrit, someone has told me that she ISN'T Margrit. What do you think? Thanks!

Sophia said...

Hi Freya,
I've looked and looked, and I think too, that this is not Margrit Ramme...mainly her eyes and chin aren't the same as Margrit. The question remains though...who ?

Billy said...

Hi Freya!
Really have to say what a fabulous blog you have here.
Its kinda sad when models become 'unknown' as if no one cared about the work they did BUT we here do care and try to name them if we can.
Personally I don't think that's Aurore Clement by Carlo Orsi. Wish I had the answer.
Model on the left in Ad For Otto is eurasian model Vivienne Lynne from London who was a very popular model in Europe in the 70/80s. She was one of the original New Romantics when they created the trend in the early 80s. She briefly dated David Bowie and later took the post of fashion editor of British Cosmopolitan in the 80s. A stunning & unique model!