1 September 2011

August 1974 - Vogue Italia

specialie moda: tutte le novita' che scottano pronte a parigi per la prossima stagione
Cover Model: Eve Nielsen
Photographed by: Hans Feurer

Karen Bjornson for Agnona
Donna Jordan by Toscani for ufo JeansLips Jeans adSusan Bottomly (aka International Velvet) for Michel Comte
Willy Van Rooy, Carole Singleton, Deborah Bertin, Kathie Quirk, Agnes Stevenin, Kim Nielsen, Eve Nielsen and unknown models by Bugat
Willy Van Rooy, Vibeke Knudsen and Linda Morand by Hans FeurerUnknown Models by Fouli Elia
Willy van Rooy and Linda Morand by Hans Feurer
Gaby Wagner by Barbieri
Isa Stoppi by Barbieri
Unknown Model by BarbieriLinda Dagne by Bugat
Aurore Clement by Louis Malle


Billy said...

Hi Freya!
Another great issue. Wow that editorial with Linda, Willy & Vibeke is just sooo fabulous! I'm at a lost for words at how truly beautiful & fascinating these 3 women are.

Anonymous said...

the unkown model by Barbieri is Gaby WAGNER.

Anonymous said...

not Jerry Hall but the blonde Kim ..also :Deborah Bertin ,K athie Quirck and Agnes Stevenin.